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$1 Million Per Year From Substack

  • 2 min read

It’s a dream come true for this writer

I've been writing on Substack for about 6 months now and have 2,000 free subscribers.

For me, that’s super awesome. That’s why I always love to share my growth hacks.

There’s another Medium writer I’m connected with Karen Cherry. In her main newsletter, she has fewer subs than me but over 100 paying subscribers.

This pays off.

She makes $10,000 in revenue. Yeah. Congrats!

In her latest newsletter issue, she talked about another inspiring Substack writer — Noah Smith.

With his publication Noahpinion he has crossed the milestone of 10,000… wait a minute… PAYING subscribers.

That’s insane, isn’t it?

Each subscriber pays $100 per year!

“Ten thousand subscribers x $100 = $1 million per year from Substack

This is something we can all dream about! 😍”, shares Karen.

Did you know? On average, you can make 10% of your subs to paying customers!

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