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10% Boost in Earnings With an AI Bonus — Would You Opt-in to Let OpenAI Scrape…

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The AI-driven cat is already out of the bag, so what?

Let’s talk about something big.

Tony Stubblebine, CEO of Medium, dropped a bombshell you might have missed.

He spoke about AI and how it’s using our stories.

So what’s the fuss?

The Problem

You know AI, right? Robots that write text? They’re learning from us, our writing online.

Cool, huh? Not really.

Tony Stubblebine says by default no to AI training on our stories.

He adds that AI companies are making money from your words, without asking you.

It’s unfair. And what’s worse? These robots aren’t making the internet better. They’re flooding it with junk.


What Medium Is Doing

Medium is stepping up.

They’ve said, “No more!”

They’re blocking AI companies from using our stories behind the paywall. It’s not perfect. But it’s a start.

My husband who is a software developer and knows about how to train robots said that blocking AI isn’t easy. And it’s a bit like playing whack-a-mole.


Tony wants to team up.

What do you think?

Medium says 92.2% of us want them to act. That’s huge.

We’re the lifeblood of Medium. We should have a say.

What’s Next?

It’s not just about blocking.

Medium wants AI companies to play fair. That means asking for permission. And giving us credit.

Ideally, they’d send readers our way.

The Bigger Picture

It’s not just about Medium or writers. It’s about fairness on the internet.

If AI learns from us, we should get something back.

That’s why Stubblebine asked:

1. How would you feel about a deal that offered you the ability to opt out of allowing AI companies to train on your writing, but offered a 10% boost in earnings on Medium to people who opted-in? Would you opt out? Opt in? Leave Medium?

2. Would you allow a search engine to train on your writing in order to generate AI summarized answers that credited you? Google Bard seems headed in this direction. Would your answer change if the amount of traffic the search engine sent you dropped in half?

Would you opt-in or opt out?


That’s what other Medium writers think

“(…) if you try to have your cake and eat it too, we will suffer. You may get a small amount of money on the short-term, but you’ll lose writers, reputation and profits in the long run.” Gareth Willey

“I would be okay with consent, credit, and ideally compensation, as the metaphorical AI- driven cat is already out of the bag.” Cat Russell

“Thank you for setting a hard paywall. This was a wise decision. We have to improve our ramparts.” Rui Alves

“If AI writing companies want my writing, then they’ll have to steal it.” Shannon Piérre

So, what’s your take?

Tony’s prediction is…

“that if negotiated compensation is meaningful, the best meaningful way to distribute compensation would be to add it to our existing pool of author payments and distribute it according to our same incentives.”

Do you think Medium is doing enough? Do you think we should get an AI bonus if we let OpenAI and other big players learn from our writing?

Drop a comment and let’s get this conversation started.

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