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10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Medium Stories

  • 1 min read

Find a professional featured image for your article

There are a handful of stock photo sites that have excellent pictures to choose from.

I really enjoy using them and I think it’s crucial to add a featured image to your stories.


Articles with images get 94% more views as opposed to those with no visuals.

On Medium, I use featured images to grab the attention of my potential readers

I want them to scroll through their feed, see my image, and click on my story.

On the internet in general, images are super important as a preview of an article.

10 stock photo sites that offer free images to use in your post

Unsplash is the most popular

Did you know that you have instant access to Unsplash photos when writing on Medium?

Just select a new line, click on the + icon, and on the Unsplash icon.

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