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100 Fans Applauded My Medium Story

  • 1 min read

and why you should celebrate 10 and 50 fans as well.

Recently, I checked my Medium folder in my email inbox and saw that Medium congratulated me for several of my latest stories.

Congratulation! 100 people applauded your story xy👏🏻

Wow! This feels soooo good and is really beneficial for your views, earnings, and overall recommendation on the platform.


Every fan counts.

A fan is a person who claps for your story.👏🏻

When 10, 50, 100, or 1,000 people applaud your story, Medium’s algorithm will push it one step further and show it to more people.

That’s why I always tell my students to really celebrate EVERY single person that applauds and claps.

Claps still matter on Medium!

👏🏻So clap away, my friend, and let’s push our stories further and further…🚀

Here’s all you need to know:


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