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$100 For My Newsletter — Substack’s New Pledges Is Here

  • 2 min read

It’s a new feature that allows your subscribers to express their support and love.

When I opened my emails lately I saw this:

email Kristina God

I thought: “What the fudge…?!”

I haven’t set up payments on my Substack account yet.

But apparently, a reader of my newsletter would be willing to pay $100 for a subscription.

Knowing that someone would support my work (to just pay for what they already got for free) was a great motivation boost.

Since mid-January 2023, Substack’s new Pledge feature allows subscribers of a free newsletter to pledge and commit to paying for a future monthly or annual subscription.

It lets writers know if they got paid, they could rely on a recurring income.

You just have to enable the paid button and would get (at least) this amount of money.

If you don’t get notifications via email, you can go to Setting_Payments and will see whether someone made a pledge for you.

Learn more about Substack’s latest features:

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