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10,000 Followers — Kristina God Says Thank You

  • 3 min read

I cherish you all

Hey there, lovely readers of my blog here on Medium!

First off, let’s pop the virtual champagne because drum roll… we’ve hit 10,000 followers! 🍾

If I had a penny for each of you, well, I’d have a pretty substantial bank deposit by now.

Now, I won’t turn this into a sappy love letter, but I must say, every one of you has made this journey an enchanting ride.

From the first follower (hi, Mom! Just kidding…) to the 10,000th, I’m genuinely grateful.

Laughter, tears, and Aha! moments

As we’ve shared laughter, tears, and countless ‘Aha!’ moments, I want to take a moment to say — from the bottom of my heart — thank you.

Whether you’re here for the deep dives into building and growing an online business, the Medium meta stories, one of my parenting or relationship stories (from the early days), or simply because you misclicked once and then decided to stay — I cherish you all.

Cheers to the next 10K and all the delightful moments that it will surely bring! 🥂

More Awesome Stuff from Kristina

As you may know, I suffer from platform fatigue so I am focusing on three platforms right now:

Substack, Medium and YouTube.

Why not join my Substack family?

And become a subscriber for my tutorials on YouTube?

What’s Next?

I’m on maternity leave and swapped writing for diapers for a bit.

However, I batch created A LOT of short form stories (my favorites as a busy working part-time creator).

In addition, I write with one hand.

When my baby takes a nap, I keep you up to date on the latest Medium changes, Substack, Gumroad, and online courses.

So what’s next?

Medium: I will create more long form stories about growing an online business, e.g. how my husband and I recently launched an online course and made 30,000K and what we’ve learned.

Substack: I will offer a premium newsletter for all readers who want to support me. There will be special videos/webinars.

YouTube: I hope I can pump out my videos more consistently. I’ll share tutorials about Substack as well as Medium’s latest changes.

Cohorts and coaching: I have a newborn in the house so I won’t be offering coaching or cohorts this year.

What do YOU want?

Tell me, what are the topics you want to read about?

I wanted to embed a poll but my baby woke up… so that’s it for today.

Bye for now!



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