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$100,000 To Win On Medium

  • 2 min read

I’m hyperventilating and have sweaty palms already.

You’re at the right place at the right time if you want to write online and make real money outside of the traditional nine to five job. Medium just announced ONE major upgrade.

Within the next four weeks, we have the opportunity to participate in a Writers Challenge. Deadline is August 24, 2021.

6 key information about the Writers Challenge:

  1. 👍 Medium will select ‘four finalist winners — one for each prompt’ who will get $10,000 each
  2. 👍 One of the finalists will be selected for a grand prize of $50,000!
  3. 👍 The Top 100 honorable mention selections will each win $100!
  4. 👍 Submissions will be scored based on:
  • creativity (40%)
  • originality (30%)
  • writing quality (30%)

5. 👍 4 guiding prompts: Reentry, Death, Work, and Space

6. 👍 For instance, Natalie Portman will judge your entry/ies

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