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100,000 Views On LinkedIn Within Just 15 Minutes Is Possible

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Become A LinkedIn Master Like Doctor Strange

LinkedIn has changed.

It’s not just for shining resumes, networking, and finding a better-paid job anymore.

Now LinkedIn is for showing your personality, your voice, and for going viral.

My friends Patricia Rosa, and Terry Mansfield use LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Creator Mode to amplify their Medium stories.

LikedIn has become part of their toolkit.

There’s a synergy between Medium and LinkedIn.

  • 👍You can write a post on Medium ➡️ Republish it on LinkedIn or make a status update

It also works the other way round:

  • 👍Experiment with LinkedIn posts ➡️ Write a Medium post about it.

Writing is a skill and anybody can be a writer. The key is patience and frequency.

You may know the superhero movie Doctor Strange.

Only when Strange masters to create portals he becomes a Master of the Mystic Arts.

We all start our writing journey as Doctor Strange. At first, you’re a newbie. You have no clue. You experiment and try different things.

Then, suddenly you become a master.

Doctor Strange

I once learned:

First you got to master it, then you can play it.

In my opinion, it’s the same with the game of online writing.

In my Boot Camp, I show writers how to amplify their stories through social media.

It’s crucial and very beneficial.


Do you know the Bad-Assery?

In his Academy, superstar Tim Denning hosts a Medium Masterclass for $500 and a LinkedIn Mastery course.

This course starts at $350.

Together with his friend Todd Brison, he teaches everything he knows about LinkedIn.

In my opinion, Tim Denning is always killing it.

He is a legend. He is a one-of-a-kind storyteller.

👍 Fun fact: Tim was the reason I joined Medium in the first place.

Today, he offers a free Masterclass for LinkedIn.

Join the superstar’s Masterclass today.

Let’s go

January 27th at 5 P.M. EDT: For free.

➡️ Here’s the link to join the Zoom call.

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