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10x Your Email List With Substack

  • 1 min read

Email is king for profit.

Within four months, I’ve grown my newsletter from zero to 1,000 subscribers.

I’m not the best writer in the world.

I’m not the best marketer in the world.

However, I made it.

It’s worth focusing on newsletter growth because with every subscriber you’re building an asset you own.

You might be thinking…

“How can I do this myself and 10x my email list.”

Many creators asked me how I was growing my newsletter business.

1 — Look what the competition does

I first went to the competition. I tried to follow their blueprints and started testing some proven strategies.

On Substack, you can search for Top newsletters in your category.

2 — Collaborate with others

Don’t create in a silo. On Substack, you can recommend other publications and cross-post stories.

3 — Promote your Substack

Use all your socials to get people on your list!

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