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2 Concrete and Proven Ways To Boost Your Views And Grow Your Audience

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with Medium Story Sharing Checklist

Are you looking for ways to share your Medium story?

My checklist below shares four concrete ways to boost your views and help grow your audience.

Congratulations on having your story published on Medium!

The next and foundational step is to share your words with the world.

Even Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, and his team recommend doing it.

Follow this checklist and let people know the awesome news.

Medium Story Sharing Checklist

#1 — Send a friend link to friends and family

SIx friends meeting for Christmas. Having a great time together. Laughing.
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At the beginning of your writing journey, your family and friends can be your biggest supporters.

Let them know you’ve been published or self-published an article by sending them a friend link.

You can find the option Copy Friend Link in the three-dot menu at the bottom of your story.

screenshot by Kristina God

Ask them to help spread the word and share your story with their network.

Anyone who gets a friend link has free access to your story.

#2 — Post on social media and share it with your writing network

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Social media is the best way to get the word out about your story. Take a few minutes to share your Medium story with people in your (writing) network.

You can find the Share Buttons in the three-dot menu at the bottom of your story.

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Post your story on:

  • Twitter — my favorite

👉🏻 Good to know! CEO of Medium, Ev Williams, is co-founder of Twitter.

  • LinkedIn — has a lot of potential
  • Quora — that’s the future
  • Instagram — post a picture and promote your article in the description
  • Reddit — be cautious because Reddit hates self-promotion. It has to be valuable for the user.
  • Facebook — there are several Facebook groups where you can share your posts

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