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20 Months Ago, I Started Writing On Medium — Here’s What I’ve Learned

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Even with a low following, you can make three to four digits.

Oftentimes, Medium readers call me “The Medium Goddess”.

Every time they do, I have to giggle.

I mean if only they knew that I was sitting there in the evening at the kitchen table writing my stories — with messy hair and in yoga pants.

Looking completely *NOT* ready for a glamorous nod about my feed. haha

However, I seem to know some things so people read my work, send me emails and ask for help.

Here’s what I’ve learned in 20 months on Medium — short and sweet:

  • Don’t let anyone dictate what to write about.
  • Press publish before you’re ready.
  • Share your messy stories.
  • Comment, clap, and mention others to drive your views.
  • Get familiar with the Top Writer tags and use them.

Here’s more:

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