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20 Months Ago, I Was In Your Shoes

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and now I’m freaking out about my growth and success.

Believe me or not, I have been in your shoes.

20 months ago, I was exactly where you are right now.

And now I’m just doing my happy dance excited that I’m constantly earning 4 digits with my Medium side gig.

I recently even published my 900th story on Medium.

I’m proof that a profitable side gig you genuinely enjoy is possible.

If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have a framework to help me start moving in the right direction.

As Robert Ralph (owner of the publication New Writers Welcome) once said:

I am convinced nine out of ten people can write a good article when they have direction and support.

You can do it!

Here are my learnings and strategies from 20 months on Medium:

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