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2,000 New Subs Within 1 Month — This New Network Shows How Powerful Word of Mouth (Still) Is

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Currently, there are 3,000 creators listed.

One of the biggest challenges for readers is discovering new material to read.

They are often at the mercy of flawed algorithms that bombard them with things they don’t want to consume.

The newsletter service provider ConvertKit recently introduced a new feature that is impressive.

It mimics successful Substack’s recommendation engine and is called Creator Network.

Currently, there are 3,000 creators with their newsletters listed in this program.

My husband is one of them.

I recommended the Creator Network to him because I see a lot of creator friends seeing a lot of success over there.

What sets it apart is the detailed analytics it provides, making it easier to connect with other creators.

He gained about 2,000 new subscribers via recommendations within one month!

Word of mouth is one of the oldest marketing techniques.

It’s still powerful and helps you accelerate your success.

Here’s my husband’s story with screenshots:

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