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22 Value-Packed Lessons From 22 Months On Medium

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The common path to uncommon success on Medium.

Okay… okay… the subheadline was inspired by the latest audiobook I listened to:

“The Common Path To Uncommon Success” by award-winning content creator John Lee Dumas.

The 22 fluff-free lessons I’m gonna share with you today will all be linked to John’s book.


Because John Lee Dumas is a great inspiration. He has been publishing a business podcast episode every day (!) for around 12 years (!)now.

John has interviewed incredible entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferris, Gary V, Seth Godin. You name it!

When I listened to his audiobook, there were so many parallels to my own journey as a content creator, that I wanted to share them today with you:

22 Build your online empire foundation

The foundation of your online empire is your “body of work”.

An “author’s body of work” is the library of content an author creates.

👏🏻👏🏻Celebrate every single piece of content because it makes your “body of work” bigger and bigger.👏🏻👏🏻

21 Build a community around your online presence

Writing online can feel lonely. Medium is the perfect place to connect with others and listen to their feedback.

  • Your community is an excellent source of ideas.
  • You can create irresistible content by simply listening to your audience by reading their comments, questions, and direct messages.
  • You can use their language, words, and topics.

🚀 If you manage to speak the language of your community they feel as though you’ve read their minds and clapped 50 times.👏🏻👏🏻

20 Become a person of value

This is so important and I can emphasize this enough!

Always add value and serve your audience.

You are the solution to someone’s problem.

Ask yourself:

“What special gift, life lesson, messy story do I have to share with my audience that really adds value to their lives?”

19 Make smart connections

Connect with others on Medium and relate to them.

Medium is a relational platform.

🧡Your growth is linked to your connections and engagement with others.

18 Ignore the skeptics

Do you have an idea you want to write about? Do you think you have a book inside you that needs to be written? Then start TODAY.

🤷‍♂️No matter what your skeptic family or friends say, you have the power to ignore them and create whatever you want.

17 The magic happens OUTSIDE your comfort zone

Just dare to feel a *little bit* uncomfortable every single day and you’ll grow rapidly!

22 months ago I started writing on Medium. My baby was 8 months old and there was this calling inside me: Write! Write! Create! Create!

I followed my calling. Left my comfort zone. Felt uncomfortable over and over again, learned everything I could about writing online… and now I can call myself a prolific online writer who publishes every day.

✨Leaving your comfort zone is rewarding:

16 Look to somebody who is where you want to be in one year from now

He was a lighthouse on this platform.

He gave newbies helpful advice and shared information about Top Writers, Top Writer lists, and publications to submit your stories.

I’m talking about Tom Kuegler.

He was the one I looked up to when I started.

🧙‍♂️Find this mentor and let him guide you on your way:

15 Don’t let your social media become a weapon of mass distraction

It’s sooo easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of social media.

To just consume… and don’t create.

If you want to be a content creator, you need to create more than you consume.

Don’t let social media distract you. Take back control and make use of the platforms by spreading your stories.

14 Get to know your avatar

Did you know that you have an avatar? An avatar is the “ideal customer/follower/fan”. It’s the person you’re pumping out your content to every week.

⭐Your avatar is your north star! That’s why it’s so important to get to know him.

Ask your audience about who THEY are. How old, married or not, kids or not, side hustlers or not, love gardenings, sports…, consume news, don’t consume news…listen to podcasts… whatever it is, it’s useful to write for this ONE avatar. can help you to create a survey and ask your followers/email subscribers to answer some questions.

Another idea is to offer them your email address to contact you.

13 If you can’t summarize your story in one sentence, you have no clue what you're talking about

Yeah… I know… Google loves long form stories (3 minutes plus). However, a lot of stories I read on Medium are full of fluff.

Sorry, but I’m not that type of girl. Additionally, I’m a non-native speaker so I can’t just sit down and write a lot of text on a page. I need to be precise when I want to get my thoughts on paper.

So if you can’t explain your story in a sentence, you shouldn’t publish it.

🥽The art of short form writing can help you become more clear:

12 Find services for your avatars/ideal customers

Whatever it is your audience is interested in, you can serve them even more if you add a special service to your writing.

You could for instance share the link to an online course you created about how to overcome a narcissistic relationship, how to write poems, or do gardening.

I created the Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp where I helped new writers kickstart their success on Medium.

⭐Additionally, I’ve created several online courses based on my expertise. One of them is The Online Course Lab. This is a meta course about how to create online courses.

11 You just need this one person to listen

Don’t create for the mass.

I always create with the HELP principle in mind:

ℹ️ Help one person every day!

This one person is your avatar/ideal customer.

Ask yourself:

How can I help him?

ℹ️ Then go and create your content.

10 Spotlight others, not your success

I love to share the results my students and boot campers got.

Instead of talking about yourself, talk about others (you helped).

This way, people will be thankful.

👭Creating content is not about your ego. It’s about the others.

9 Every master was a disaster

I failed hundreds of times.

I didn’t finish my 30-Day Writing Challenge. I got rejected by multiple publications. My views and reads were low. I didn’t feel read or seen.

Guess what?

I became a master of short form writing and even managed to make $100 with 150 words. That’s why some call me “The Shortform Goddess”.

Whatever it is your passionate about, keep on keeping on!

😊I might look like a master now… but used to be a disaster too.

8 Listen to your voice

Everyone has this voice inside them. Most of them don’t listen.

If you listen you can feel more fulfilled!

Listen to your intuition.

When it says:

This isn’t right!

Stop doing it, if you can!

If it says:

Why not creating this or that?!

Trust that voice.

I followed my voice calling me I should finally WRITE again.

7 Live in your “zone of fire”

Your zone of fire is doing what you’re passionate about and recharging your batteries. It’s doing what feels best for you.

If I write online and receive kind comments I can recharge my batteries.

🔥I’m happy about the fact that I continue having conversations with people around the world and helping people with my knowledge and experience.

6 Batching is key to unplugging

Now I have a unique workflow but I used to feel overwhelmed.

What did I change?

I learned the #1 productivity technique: content batching.

I can take some days off from writing, unplugging, stepping back, traveling with my family, creating online courses, and visiting my family because I prepare my content in advance.

I use my content planner where I just write down what I want to write about in the upcoming month.

I really enjoy this.

🧐Here’s the trick:

5 Create multiple income streams

Writing on Medium is just one slice of my online business pie. With Medium, I generate an income of $1,000 before taxes which is $600 net.

Multiple income streams are better for your mental health and your confidence.

🚀If you make less with one income stream than expected, there’s another one that can cover your “loss”.

4 Share your income

John Lee Dumas shares monthly income reports.

This builds trust and credibility.

Earning reports can be a great source of inspiration because they show you what’s possible when creating content online.

In August, John made $250,000!

screenshot Entrepreneurs on Fire

Well, I made $1,000 with writing on Medium.

About $3,000 with online courses and $300 with coaching.

When you document your journey, people will be thankful.

Of course, you don’t have to share a monthly report but if you feel like you want to share something… do it.

You don’t need to feel ashamed and you don’t need to share any further details if you don’t want to!

💰For the first time within the last 12 months, I shared an income report for Medium:

3 High volume vs. small volume

Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine apparently doesn’t like high-volume publications. Additionally, he wants to see quality content to make Medium’s subscribers happy.

That’s why he wants to raise the quality bar.

Which is fine. You don’t need to be afraid of this. This can also be beneficial for you (especially if you’re also reading stories on Medium).

Oftentimes people ask me how many stories I should write per week.

In my humble opinion, it depends on the time you have and want to invest.

I don’t have a ton of time due to juggling hundreds of balls in the air without dropping one. My tiger time is in the evening after I put my toddler to bed.

✍🏻I write as much as I can… my writing muse tells me how much I can create. Short form stories are easy to write for me that’s why I write 1–2 per day. Long form stories take much longer that’s why I write 2–4 per week.

2 You can do this!

You can commit wholeheartedly even if it’s a side project.

Writing online is a growth experiment and a learning journey!

Literally one year ago, if there would have been someone telling me here’s a glimpse into your future life… you’re writing articles on a daily basis, built a writing habit, coaching others, and have published several online courses… I would have said:

What? Me? No way!

Then last year this time I had this aha-moment in regard to my passion for writing but also my life in general and I said to myself:

You know what? I’m gonna take that leap!

🚀We moved to an island, started our “digital nomad life” and… REALLY felt happy for the first time.

1 Your actions have a ripple effect

I believe that if we focus on creating a positive impact and karma, we will see the positive effects on not just those around us, but even further.

Positive writing karma is key.

Every post you’re pumping out can be the start of a great discussion, the start of your own ebook, or the reason why you’re getting freelance jobs offered.

🤑Writing on Medium with positive karma definitely leads to more opportunities than you can imagine:

Final Takeaways

Wow. What a ride.

22 value-packed lessons from writing 22 months on Medium.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, feel free to check out the articles I linked.

I’m curious. Do you have any lessons you’d like to share?

© Kristina God

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