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24 Shocking Comments You Should Never Make To A Pregnant Woman

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Who ate all the cookies? — These rude and funny comments clearly belong on the blacklist.

As soon as people (both women and men) meet a pregnant woman, a lot of unwanted and unhelpful comments seem to come out of their mouths that obviously weren’t thought about before. They leave the already extremely hormonal pregnant woman feeling rather annoyed and embarrassed.

These 24 cheeky, rude, funny and shocking comments clearly belong on the blacklist.

24 Shocking Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

  1. Was this planned?
  2. I thought you didn’t want children!
  3. Are you pregnant again?
  4. Are you looking forward to it?
  5. Poor thing. You look (exhausted, sick…)!
  6. I guess you didn’t feel like going back to your full-time job, did you?
  7. Can I touch it? (While one hand is already on the belly.)
  8. Are you having a boy or a girl? Because you’re carrying high/low and I think it’s gonna be a…!
  9. A girl? Oh, it’s the first one. It might work out someday.
  10. Another boy? Awesome! You already have two. You’re not going to try again, are you?
  11. Eight months? You look farther along than that. I bet your baby will come early.
  12. Nine months? Your belly looks so small. Are you sure you’re pregnant?
  13. Nine months? Your belly looks so huge. You look like you’re about to pop.
  14. Wow. Are you sure there’s only one in there? Maybe the doctor missed something on the ultrasound.
  15. I don’t want to drive you crazy but let me tell you… (insert whatever traumatic story about pregnancy or birth pops into your head).
  16. You’re really gonna eat / drink that?
  17. Who ate all the cake / cookies?
  18. I know they say you have to eat for two, but that much? Are you really so hungry?
  19. Just enjoy it. Pregnancy goes by so fast (five days after the due date).
  20. Oh no, your due date is around (Christmas, Easter, a birthday, somebody’s wedding…)?
  21. Make sure to breastfeed. It’s the best!
  22. You should have a water birth (at home). It’s a must-do experience!
  23. Are you planning to have a second one/ more kids?
  24. No worries. Giving birth is easy.

Wrapping Up

24 Shocking Comments You Should Never Make To A Pregnant Woman; Kristina God; Food photo created by gpointstudio

So next time you encounter a pregnant woman, by avoiding these funny and shocking comments above, you’ll be fine.

In my opinion, a simple, ‘How are you?’ is good enough. Better to concentrate more on listening to her and less on what to say.

Live🥳, love😘, and laugh😂!

© Kristina God

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