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3 Easy Steps To Find Out How Popular A Medium Tag Is

  • 2 min read

and how to refine the tags you follow.

Recently, Teresa Morillas asked the Alumni group of my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp:

How to find the usage volume associated to each MEDIUM TAG?

Luckily, my former student Linda Locke had an answer to it:

You can find out how popular a tag is by searching for it.

🔴1 — Just type the tag into the Search Box at the top right of a Medium page.

🔴2 — Enter the tag name, for instance, #Nutrition.

That will bring up a small selection of all the Topics that are based on that tag:

🔴3 — Click on any one of the topics and it will show you have many times that tag has been used and how many writers used it.

This should help you figure out the best ones to use for you.

You can refine a topic

Just click on your profile picture on the home page of medium and select Refine Recommendations from the drop-down menu.

🔴1 — Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

🔴2 — You’ll see the current topics you are following.

🔴3 — You can stop following any of the topics from here.

Do you find this information valuable?

👉🏻Then make sure to follow my former boot camper and student Linda Locke who has become a wealth of information on all things Medium!👈🏻

👇🏻Here’s the list with the most popular tags on Medium:👇🏻

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