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3 Harsh Truths About Freelance Writing

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You’re not getting away from horrible people when you start a side hustle like freelancing.

She had it all.

Edina Abena Jackson quit her 9–5 corporate job and started her own business for the freedom of a laptop lifestyle.

She earned a living as a freelance creator.

A few days ago she quit.

Being a freelance writer can lead to unpredictable challenges and downsides. The grass isn’t always greener.

Here’s what Edina has learned:

3 harsh truths about freelance writing

#1 You have to deal with disrespectful people, aka clients

#2 You have to deal with tough deadlines, which you can’t control

#3 You have time-consuming projects

The truth is, I just don’t need to freelance anymore.

Now, I can focus on this side hustle, blogging. Which is great, the money is a bonus really.

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