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3 Magical Benefits Of Holding Hands With Your Partner

  • 2 min read

I just love to do it.

For me, holding hands with my partner is a little miracle.

In fact, this simple form of affection is one of the most magical things you can do with your partner.

Let me share with you 3 benefits of why holding hands with your partner is so magical:

#3 — You can harmonize your energy systems and become one

According to yogi Sadhguru simple things like holding hands can become the most intimate.

‘Two palms coming together has more intimacy than the contact of any other parts of the human body’, he says.

#2 — It soothes anxiety

Holding your partner’s hand calms areas of the brain that are typically activated when people are highly anxious.

Holding our partner’s hand simply soothes your anxiety and reduces stress.

#1 — It strengthens your bond

When my husband reaches out his hands this is a loving invitation for holding my hand.

It might be in the morning when we’re lying in bed, or across the table when our baby is having a major meltdown.

My hands seem to fit in his like they’re made just for me.

Every time we touch, our bond grows stronger and stronger.

© Kristina God

I’m curious. Are there any other benefits you’ve experienced?


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