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3 Medium Blogging Courses To Level Up Your Game Big Time

  • 8 min read

Proven passive income methods — with exclusive Black Friday deal

You are a (new) writer and you aren’t getting ahead on Medium?

You struggle to…

  • start
  • make extra money on Medium
  • find the right path
  • know what publication (small, medium or big, niche) you should submit your story to
  • decide which advice to follow (with lots of conflicting ones)
  • wonder if Medium will go away and is about to die

You may even wonder if Medium is the right platform for you to write and make your writing dream come true.

This article offers help.

Medium is an inspiring platform where you can write and earn an extra income online.

I’m the living proof.

I’ve jumped from 147 to 30K (and then 40K) views and from pennies to $600 monthly income as a Top Writer.

screenshot by Kristina God

This achievement reflects that my writing is resonating with hundreds of readers and makes me one of the 6% to 7% that make over $100.

I host my first and free ‘Online Writing Kickstarter Bootcamp’ this month where I share my experiences with 15 fellow writers.

We learn from each other and grow together.

Still, I’m only a small fish in the big pond (which is great, here’s why).

In this article, I want to draw your attention to three Top Writers.

Of course, they offer a ton of information for free on Medium, Quora, YouTube, and so on but here’s an open secret of the online world:

they offer you only 90% for free.

If you want to know all the strategies and tactics and get the 10% that can make the difference, you need to join a course.

With their blogging courses, they can become your mentor, share their exclusive insights and help you to level up your game of online writing big time.

One potential mentor even has a special Black Friday deal for you.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive right in.

(Hint: NO affiliate links included. So, stay with me.)

Bad-Assery Academy by Tim Denning

screenshot by Kristina God

I think he doesn’t need an introduction. Everybody knows him already or may even have joined this platform because of him.

Yes! We are talking about Medium superstar Tim Denning with 200K+ followers.

He’s a wealth of Medium insights, tips, and tricks.

As far as I’m concerned, I love Tim’s writing and formatting.

Moreover, I love his entrepreneurial spirit.

Did you know that Tim has his own Academy?

With his Bad-Assery Academy hosted on Teachable together with Top Writer Todd Brison (70K+ followers) he offers the so-called:

👉Medium Bad-Assery: Make Extra Income Writing Online

Their promise:

New income coming into your bank every month.

Two seasoned mentors ready and willing to help you succeed and figure out how to get past any roadblock you might have.

Your very own audience of people ready to read your work

A chance to build relationships with fellow writers

Prize: $497


“By following Tim’s sure-fire writing-for-success recipe, I’ve been able to quadruple my monthly earnings on Medium and experience the feeling of making real money.” George J. Ziogas

You want to take part?: Enroll here. It’s on-demand on Teachable.

Tip: Tim introduces the course in a 13 min video you can watch for free.

Medium Publications 101 by Zulie Rane

screenshot by Kristina God

Top Writer Zulie Rane joined Medium in June 2020 and has already 39K followers.

She made almost $5k in May 2021 with Medium, her blog, and YouTube.

Overall she made 97K in her first year as a content creator.

Zulie knows publications can make all the difference — but navigating can be hard.

That’s why she set up her course called:

👉 Medium Publications 101

Her promise:

Imagine if…

– You got accepted to the Medium publication of your dreams
– You finally started earning real money by writing about what you LOVE
– You got asked by outside publications to write for them, through your Medium portfolio

Prize: $69

Time: 40 min


Zulie’s coaching turbocharged my success on Medium. Thanks to her guidance I got published in some of Medium’s biggest publications including The Ascent, Writing Co-operative and Mind Cafe.

In four months working with Zulie I went from 200 to over 1,000 followers. This course shares everything she taught me, and more. Follow this course, put in the work, and you will go far. Highly recommended.

David Majister

You want to take part?: Enroll here. It’s on-demand on Teachable.

Tip: There’s no free preview or sneak peek but on YouTube you can check whether you like Zulie’s teaching style.

The Medium Blogging Course by Ayodeji Awosika with exclusive Black Friday Deal ✨

screenshot by Kristina God

Ayodeji Awosika joined Medium in June 2018.

Within one year he managed to make up to $13K per month with his writing.

His course is called:

👉 The Medium Blogging Course

This course is supposed to be a ‘A Step by Step Road Map to Monetizing Your Writing’.

His promise:

All of my observations over time have shown me what works and what doesn’t.

I know the common sticking points newer writers face, especially on Medium, and this course is designed to get you over those problems as quickly as possible so you can start making money and building a bigger audience.

screenshot by Kristina God

👉Prize: $497 (same as Tim) — This Friday, ✨he’ll offer an Exclusive Black Friday Deal


This month I took part in Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s first cohort called Summit 21.

She’s a student of Ayo and learned a lot from him:

This (course) helped me make 4 digits on Medium, I recovered my course cost in like 2 months of putting in the work lol.

You want to take part?: Enroll here. It’s an on-demand course on Kajabi — plus monthly coaching sessions, access to checklists and blueprints.

👉Tip: There’s no free preview or sneak peek but you can join his free 5 Day Medium course to get a feeling for his teaching style.

Final Takeaways

If you’re feeling stuck there’s help.

Tim Denning, Zulie Rane, and Ayodeji Awosika could become your mentors and share their 10% that makes the difference.

I’m sure this investment pays off if you implement the lessons learned.

As the testimonials state, you’ll recover your course costs within a few months latest.

I haven’t joined a paid course yet but I’m thinking about it.

Since I’m always sharing my insights with my followers, I wanted to let you know about this possibility (for 2022) and the Black Friday deal too.

© Kristina God

Kristina God is 17x Top Writer and one of Medium’s Top 1,000 Writers.
4x she received the Medium bonus. She loves to share her Medium 101’s, hacks as well as tips and tricks with new writers.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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