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3 Medium Myths That Aren’t True

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Let’s dispel some myths

Let’s dive right in and dispel some myths:

Myth 1: Good stories don’t get circulated anymore!

Entrepreneur Chris Winfield shared that in 2015 his story “How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7” circulated like crazy and got hundreds of thousands of views. It was about the Pomodoro technique.

In 2023, we simply have to share other productivity techniques and topics to get distributed by Medium.

Myth 2: Medium doesn’t show great content from proven creators anymore!

It still does.

Even from writers who already left the platform.

But even if you have 50k+ subscribers, only 1% of your followers will see your content.

Myth 3: On platform x, you can earn more money and be more successful

As far as I know, most Top Writers share and repurpose their content on multiple platforms, which is smart.

But often apples are compared with oranges.

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