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3 Simple Strategies To Skyrocket Your Email List

  • 1 min read

…from scratch

If I told you:

I grew my email list from scratch to 1,000 dedicated subscribers.

The burning question would be:

How long did it take?


How did you do this?

Here are my top 3 strategies to skyrocket your email list via Medium:

#1 — Call to action

Ask people to become your subscribers on Medium at the bottom of your stories.

👏Here’s an example:

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#2 — Lead magnet

Create a freebie in exchange for an email and promote it on your social.

👏Here’s an example:

My Social Media Content Planner

#3 — Email

Offer people to contact you and then ask them to join your list.

👏Here’s an example:

In my bio on the right side of my profile, I share my business email address:

YES! It’s that simple!

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