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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Curation On Medium

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Test your knowledge of one of the biggest buzzwords.

Curation is one of the biggest buzzwords in the community of Medium writers.

Definition: Curation is when Medium’s curators choose your story to distribute it more widely to readers.

Almost everyone tries to crack the mysterious Code of Curation on Medium.

Here are 3 things about Curation you probably didn’t know:

💡#3 —Short form stories get distributed

According to Medium, there are specific story types that are not allowed.

For instance,❌Short form.

This means stories of 150 words or less.

I found out that short form stories get chosen for further distribution too!

Here are some examples:

Several writers reached out to me after I published the news lately in this story and told me they experienced it too:

💡#2 — Your story can get curated before your story got published

This interesting quirk happened to Mike Lewis as you can see below:

Your story can get curated before your story got published
screenshot Mike Lewis

Apparently, Medium’s AI (yes, there a human curators as well as AI) knows what a great writer Mike is.

It just anticipated his incredible content.

Mike stated in his story…it earned $0.19 on 31 January. Again, before it was published.

💡#1 —You need to follow specific Curation Guidelines and Rules

Medium cares most about the quality of your story.

Unfortunately, I see many new writers that don’t have any chance of getting distributed by Medium.

Their stories just don’t follow Medium’s requirements for further distribution.

They are breaking rules without knowing it.

No worries! I put together this popular Curation Checklist for you.

My checklist walks you through 9 steps to self-edit your writing in regard to Medium’s primary requirement — Quality:

Final Takeaways

If you didn’t know these three things about curation… no worries! Most writers don’t know about this.

If you don’t know why your curation rate is so bad… read my Curation Checklist to find out whether you’re doing something wrong.

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