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3 Views on Medium vs. 70 on Your Own WordPress Blog

  • 2 min read

What’s going on?

Within the last past weeks, I’ve received a lot of emails and DM’s from fellow writers and followers asking me what’s going on with Medium.

  • “My views are down!”
  • “My earnings dropped”
  • “Only my Boosted article get views”

Does this sound familiar?

Well, as you can see you’re not alone.

There are winners and losers in this new Medium “game”.

Why do I call it a game?

Online writing is definetly a game and it should be FUN that’s what most people forget these days.

No worries, your content doesn’t suck.

My friend J.R. Heimbigner made an experiment and posted his Medium story (which received whopping 3 views) on his blog.

What happened when he posted the Medium story on his blog?

He got 70 organic views via Google.

My tip is to repurpose your Medium stories on your blog or the other way round.


You have a backup and probably feel *seen* more than on Medium.

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