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3 Ways To Drive Real Results On Medium

  • 1 min read

Without needing hundreds of followers.

Does Medium feel like a code you simply can’t crack?

Spending hours a day trying to figure out HOW to gain followers, views, reads, and money, only to hear crickets?

If you’re done with the posting-waiting-wishing game… then kick that Medium headache in the butt and learn these 3 ways to drive real results on Medium:

#1 Take time to be relational

Medium wants us to “get relational” — clap, comment, and mention others — instead of putting ourselves in the center of everything.

#2 Change your mindset

Practice “Hit publish before you’re ready”. This mindset shift will do wonders.

#3 Check your “Fans”

People who clap can actually do the trick. The more “fans” clap, the more people Medium will show your story!

Read my complete guidance here:

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