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3 WOW-Worthy Success Stories That Show Anything Is Possible On Medium

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This week, I’ve been virtual high-fiving and fist-bumping several of my (former) students.

In my opinion, it’s so important to really take a minute to celebrate when you accomplish something.


I know… it’s so easy to breeze right past that and move into the next week.

My tip: Slow down just for a minute and actually celebrate your small successes as I will in this post.

Oh my. This is soooo good.

It’s really time to celebrate some awesome new writers!

3 — ⚡ Drashti Shroff got curated for the very first time

My friend Drashti Shroff made a huge decision. She went from full-time to part-time. Now she dedicates more time to writing quality stories on Medium.

Medium’s curators rewarded her for this!

Her honest story Does Crying A Lot Make You Narcissistic? in Age of Empathy got curated.

2 — ⚡ Danielle Cousin got published in BETTER MARKETING

She’s having a tough time right now. Still, she’s pumping out juicy content on a regular basis. This not only loves Medium’s algorithm but also one of Medium’s biggest publications: Better Marketing.

Hint: She’s just one follower away from the threshold of 100 followers! Help her.

1 —⚡ Megan Llorente joined the $100 Club!

She is definitely a rising star on Medium. She owns the publications Midform and Modern Women.

One of her stories which she published in January 2022 took off and went viral!

This story helped her to join the elite $100 Club (only 6–8% of writers are in) this month.

Check out her viral hit and make sure to clap:

I could tell you stories for DAYS, friend.

But instead, I want you to focus on being the star of your own story…

🎉Share your small and big wins in the comments and let’s celebrate together! I’ll reply to everyone!

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