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30 Pieces Of Unsolicited Advice Parents Cannot Bear To Hear Anymore

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Unwanted advice is the herpes of the parenting world. Every time you think it’s over, it comes back again and with full force.

Besides major diaper accidents, what do parents dread most? Unwanted advice from self-proclaimed parenting experts!

Didn’t you know? Becoming parents grant others a carte blanche to offer unwanted tips and tricks!

The truth is when you become parents, everybody around you seems to feel they have free rein to offer you awesome parenting advice. You will be inundated with mantras, sayings, tips, and tricks from self-proclaimed parenting experts, specifically random strangers, well-meaning mothers-in-law, other family members, other parents, and non-parents alike, all telling you what you should and shouldn’t do with your baby. It’s like they are vomiting advice on every topic from breastfeeding, to sleeping, nurturing, playing, dressing, and even speaking to your child.

Good news: All can be fixed if you just adapt your parenting style

You are having a difficult time and are just looking for some emotional support. But complaining implies that your parenting is ‘wrong’, and these ‘experts’ (even childless people in some cases) explain that everything can be fixed if you adapt your parenting style. Because if you follow the right advice and thus parent ‘correctly’, you will never struggle again and will happily raise perfect little children.

30 pieces of unsolicited advice people should keep their mouths shut about, but don’t…

Below are 30 examples of unsolicited advice I and other poor parents have been given — offering criticism, judgement, and wisdom in order to help you do it ‘the right way’:

  1. Oh, are you really going to do that?
  2. That’s not how we did it with you / our son!
  3. 30 years ago….
  4. I would never do that with my child.
  5. I think it would be best if…
  6. Shouldn’t he be wearing a hat/a jacket/socks?
  7. If you really loved your kid, you wouldn’t let it ….
  8. Don’t you think you’re putting your child at risk by doing (insert whatever you want)….?
  9. I don’t think (insert whatever you want) is safe for the baby…!
  10. Good luck with that!
  11. Your baby would sleep through the night if you … let it cry it out / rock it / co-sleep / do not co-sleep / use a pacifier / don’t use a pacifier…
  12. No baby ever died from crying!
  13. Has he finally got a pillow in his bed?
  14. Don’t you think it’s time your newborn learned to sleep on his own?
  15. A friend told me that she knows someone whose child (I don’t know if it’s a baby or an adult child😂) doesn’t cry, sleeps through the night, and always smiles happily.
  16. You know the saying: Too much affection spoils the child
  17. Have you tried giving it a treat?
  18. You are too soft on your kids. They need more discipline.
  19. Maybe your milk is too watery and your baby is still hungry. That’s why he screams.
  20. (Newborn has red pimples on his face. Pediatrician says it’s baby acne) Monster in-law: Maybe he’s allergic to your milk!
  21. You know, breastfeeding is better for babies than artificial milk.
  22. What? Why are you still breastfeeding?
  23. I don’t know why you can’t enjoy your maternity leave. Isn’t it like a bonus holiday?
  24. This is what you signed up for. No one said it was easy!
  25. Just get on with it!
  26. That goes without saying. You don’t talk about that!
  27. I never complained about…
  28. I’ve never had that problem with my child.
  29. Even with kids, keeping a house clean isn’t that hard. The secret is to deep clean it once, and just maintain it.
  30. I did it this way and that way and my child turned out all right!

Struggling to parent is real — Just keep your mouth shut!

The parenting business is tough. It’s hard. It’s a full-time job and your baby didn’t come with a manual. Well-meaning self-proclaimed experts’ advice is intrusive and unwanted and can make you feel frustrated, helpless, and hopeless.

Unfortunately, I’m a nice person and I always try to answer diplomatically. But in my mind I’m often thinking: Just keep your mouth shut! (Unless you’re offering positive affirmation and telling me I’m an awesome mother doing a magnificent job in managing my child.)

To be honest, what I really need is someone to listen to me, telling me ‘you are amazing’. Instead, I’m constantly left in a puddle of conflicting advice and information-vomit whenever my mother-in-law leaves us after an awkward visit.

Honestly, I don’t know why she feels qualified to give me tips. But as she says: I did it this way and my child turned out all right.

Here’s my final unsolicited advice for you

Having a baby can be both the most wonderful time of your life and the most emotionally draining. The last thing you need is other people adding to that stress and putting you off your stride. Because in the midst of it, there is only one person who needs empathy: you!

There’s no set way to raise a child and there are only a few universals in parenthood. Everybody has their own way of doing things. Every child is unique as a snowflake. The best thing is to trust your own instincts as a parent.

You parent your own way!

Try to keep your cool!

Do not let unwanted advice (like this ✌️) shake you!

Healthy and happy parenting to you!

Live🥳, love😘, and laugh😂!



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