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4 Steps To Stop Procrastinating Within 4 Minutes

  • 1 min read

It’s just a habit.

I have a friend that doesn’t even realize just how much he procrastinates with literally everything he does.

Procrastination is a really important phenomenon that affects us all.

It means: putting things off intentionally or habitually.

Mine is sometimes caused by perfectionism.

There are moments when I tend to be too perfectionistic and don’t finish my tasks.

These 4 steps help me to overcome procrastinating within 4 minutes:

1 — I take 2 minutes to make a list of the things that I’ve been “leaving until later.”

2 — I visualize how I feel once I’ve accomplished my put-off tasks.

3 — I look at the list — and do one thing on it. RIGHT. NOW.

4 —If what I’m putting off involves other people, I talk to them.

Trust me. Procrastinating is just a habit.

You can rewire your brain and stop putting things off.


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