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40% Of Americans Have a Side Hustle

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and whether it could be an option for you

Recently I shared on Twitter that having a side hustle is now the “new normal” in America.

40% of Americans have a side gig.

A lot of my Twitter followers responded to this and one (hi to Todd Brison!) asked me about the source because he had never heard about this.

The source is a recent Zapier report.

The side hustle economy is booming!

In December 2020, (only) 34% of Americans had a side gig.

For quarter four of 2022, many plan to start one.

What is it about a side hustle that’s most appealing to people?

Aside from making some good money, I guess it’s…

  • being rewarded for your hard work
  • making your own rules
  • using your creative gifts effectively
  • more flexibility and freedom

Of course, from my own experience, I know that a side hustle can boost your income and generate some extra cash.

Here are some financial benefits when starting a side hustle:

  • You can pay off debts faster.
  • Diversify your income and protect your finances.
  • As a working mom, I love emergency saving funds and increasing my servings (for the future of my child and family).
  • A side hustle opens new doors and brings exciting opportunities. I, for instance, started writing on Medium, then became a writing coach, and then offered cohort-based online courses.
  • You can take back control over your finances and break the glass ceiling by earning some good cash on the side.

Final Takeaways

A lot of people fall into the trap of playing it “safe.”

Traditional job, working 9–5, meeting colleagues in the kitchen, and drinking coffee.

Maybe working remotely brings some excitement…

But when 79% of people globally are not satisfied and engaged with their work… What does that tell us?

It’s impossible to know what a life on your terms looks like when you’ve got all your eggs in the “way it’s always been done” basket.

I’m curious. Do you have a side hustle or want to get one?

© Kristina God

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