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5 Annoying Issues That Are Driving Writers Crazy At The Moment

  • 3 min read

They keep happening over and over again.

Medium has been acting weird the last couple of weeks.

I suspect the reason is the latest updates.

Medium is working on updating its buggy apps.

Here are the TOP 5 super annorying Medium issues that are driving writers mad at the moment:

👎#5 — Duplicate comments:

The little comment box does not disappear when you comment. People think it didn’t go through. Then they click again to post.

So you accidentally comment three times and it's the same comment over and over again.

👎#4 — No right to comment:

My student Kylie van Gelder wasn’t allowed to comment anymore.

I can’t reply to people’s comments on my posts…

I also can’t comment on some (not all) articles.

Luckily, Medium solved the issue after I’ve published my story about it:

OMG!! I think I have the right to comment again!! I feel like I’ve won a prize! 😀 Kylie van Gelder

👎#3— Claps are gone:

This happens over and over again and made this short form story one of my most successful ones because so many people are experiencing it.

👎#2 — App crashes:

The thing driving me insane on the app is when I’m doing a long comment. Just on my last sentence and the app crashes. Arrrgh!! Then I can’t find the article to try again 😢 Jan Barley

👎#1 — No referred members:

Your referral page is only available through web-based browsers.

It is not available via mobile apps!

50% of the Medium readers use the app!

Additionally, this month several writers tried to become my referred members by canceling their memberships and rejoining with my referral link… but it hasn’t worked so far.

👏🏻 Special hint (for all who’ve come so far): In the app, you can clap 50 times for your own story! Try it. It’s hilarious.

Final Takeaways

Medium has been acting weird.

All those issues are super annoying for all of us.

All we can do is open a ticket (yes, you can’t send an email anymore to Medium’s Support) and wait days, weeks, and months for an answer.

That’s the reason why so many new writers are leaving this platform.

© Kristina God

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