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5 Medium Publications That Can Nominate Your Stories for A Boost

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Meet 5 publications and their editors that are part of Medium’s new Boost Beta program. Many of your favorite publications are already in the program.

After Medium killed curation last summer, a lot of Medium members were wondering what Medium’s new distribution system would look like.

Earlier this year, Tony Stubblebine shared:

“Our job is to boost the best ideas and best information on Medium.”

Boost with a big B — Bigger rewards and bigger hits

In fact, Stubblebine introduced the highest-level Boost in the history of Medium.

In the future, the way Medium boosts quality stories will be much more impactful than the old distribution model.

If a story is chosen for a Boost, it gets at least 500 additional views.

In many cases, Boosted stories can get thousands or tens of thousands of views.

The 3 Factor-Boost-System (as I call it) consists of:

  • Community Curators
  • Medium’s Staff Curators
  • Algorithms

At the moment, there are more than 30 Medium publications that are testing the Boost button and are having a major say in what gets boosted.

Tony declined to share who those editors and publications are.

I found (more than) 5!

Many writers wonder who those official Boost Curators are.

Well, I found (more than) 5. They have been outing themselves within the last past few months.

They have the “taste” to select excellent stories in their area of expertise from across the platform.

Taste = “taste comes down to having the experience to know what is true, what matters, and where there is debate”, Tony shared.

Pssst…. upcoming insider information on the Boost

Before I get into the nitty-gritty.

I’ve created a YouTube where I interview an insider from Medium on the Boost. It will be published within the next couple of days on YouTube with further information in my Substack newsletter.

5 Medium Publications That Can Nominate Your Stories for A Boost

Within the last past months, I’ve spotlighted a handful of community curators from the platform.

Today, I want to share with you a handy list of 5 publications and editors that can nominate your stories for a Boost.

Spoiler alert: I’ll share more within the upcoming days when my new YouTube video will be released.

I bet many of your favorite publications are already part of the program because Medium has invited editors from many genres.

Publishers of every background and style are present so the Boost covers the bases.

1 — The Riff — #Music, #Culture, #Society

Via Substack, I found out that Kevin Alexander is part of the new Boost Beta program.

“Yep, The Riff is one of the pubs that can now boost stories!”

The Riff is Medium’s premier music publication.

So if you’re passionate about #Music, why not write with The Riff.

2 — The Generator — #Artificial Intelligence, #Technology

Thomas Smith’s new publication The Generator is Boost-eligible.

It’s a new publication about generative AI.

Tom can nominate stories in his publication for a Boost.

Plus, he can highlight other generative AI stories on Medium for a Boost if they meet Medium’s criteria.

Tom invites you to:

3 — Modern Women — #Womanhood, #Feminism, #Parenting

The owner of Modern Women, Megan Llorente is a certified coach and Medium Top Writer, and alumnus of my Medium Kickstarter BootCamp from 2022.

Her new lead editor is part of the trial group of curators that can boost stories.


Besides being the lead editor of Modern Women she’s a columnist at The Green Parent magazine outside of Medium.

“I applied to be one of the lucky new curators because I want to raise women’s voices and widen our audiences…”

4 — The Writing Cooperative — #Writing, #Writing Tips, #Reading, #Advice

One of Medium’s biggest publications, The Writing Cooperative, also belongs to the list of Medium publications that can nominate your stories for a Boost.

Senior Top Writer and owner of The Writing Cooperative Justin Cox recently shared excitingly:

“Publish when things are ready, not when they are written… So far, nine of the ten stories I nominated were boosted. I take this newfound responsibility seriously and want to promote the best of the best.”

5— The Memoirist — #life, #lifelessons

I know Christopher Robin (yes, that’s his real name!) from my early days on Medium.

So I was super excited when I heard that he can Boost stories together with his colleague from The Memoirist, KiKi Walter.

They have been tasked with bringing the best of the best of Medium’s memoirs and personal essays to the table.

“When I received the email to join the program, I pulled off the road to reply. As exciting as it is for me personally, the real benefit is to the writers.

Kiki Walter and I are thrilled to be able to help our writers do the best they can. We will be working in tandem to curate/edit/nominate only the best stories.”

How can you get Boosted?

To increase your chances of getting Boosted, Tom from The Generator recommends:

“If you write about ChatGPT, OpenAI, tools like Jasper or Content at Scale, AI, and the law, or any other generative AI topic, you should submit your stories to The Generator.

Chris and Kristi Walter from The Memoirist want:

“…to laugh and cry when you do. The same goes for a personal essay. Take us on a journey with you. Use original imagery. Make the story mean as much to us as it does to you. Make us think about it days later.”

Justin from The Writing Cooperative suggests:

“To consider something boost-worthy, I look for stories with a unique voice that lean into the writer’s personal experience. Stories like Finding My Voice Again by Aisha Yusuf, Why Independent Reading Is So Essential In School by Walter Bowne, and Don’t Shy Away From Tacky Topics by Cali Bird are all boost-worthy, fascinating stories.”

In general, any publication and community curator need your stories to be top-notch.

To start, they can’t nominate anything that doesn’t meet Medium’s new Distribution Standards.

Final Takeaways

Medium has given more than 30 Medium editors the ability to curate and nominate stories. They can nominate several stories per week.

The ultimate decision is still up to Medium‘s staff curators.

However, in the role of official Boost Curators, these 5 publications and editors are gatekeepers on Medium. They nominate the best work they see in their area of passion and expertise.

With their nominations, Medium’s curation team will provide feedback on if their nominees were selected or what the Community Curators need to be looking for.

Medium relies on publication editors to send in high-quality story suggestions.

If Medium’s staff curators agree with the decisions of the 5 publications on the list…

photo credit: TENOR

you’ll get a turbo boost!

You want insider information about the Boost? Sure thing!

I’ve created a YouTube where I interview an insider from Medium on the Boost.

It will be published within the next couple of days on YouTube with further information in my Substack newsletter.

Spoiler alert: This will be a special series on the Boost. I’ll also share a video about Community Curators and WOW-worthy Boosted stories.

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