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5 Medium Terms You Need to Know about When You’re A Writer

  • 3 min read

Terms you need to know about when writing on Medium.

The Medium ecosystem is very special.

It differs from many other social networks because it is there for writing and reading.

I would like to introduce you to five terms and explain what they mean:

1 Claps

Clapping on Medium posts is a way to let the writer know that you appreciate their story. You can clap up to 50 times to show how much you liked it.

photo credit: Kristina god; claps from multiple readers

2 Highlights

Medium allows you to highlight your favorite parts in stories to let the writer know that you liked this passage or line. Moreover, all your followers will see the highlights on the post and can interact with it.

photo credit: Kristina god; highlights from followers

3 Private Notes

Private way of commenting on someone’s story. Notes are between you and the author of the post. I often leave a private note when I want to share personal information or say “hi” when submitting a story.

photo credit: Kristina god; personal note for Ayo when joining the publication PIP

4 Lists

If you want to organize your stories on a specific topic, you can create a list. You can also curate the stories of others and for instance, create a list of personal faves. I like to share a list at the bottom of my stories for readers who want to binge-read my stuff.

photo credit: Kristina god; some lists I have

5 Topics

There are 500 topics on Medium. You can follow a specific topic to see stories in your feed and the “topics” tab (depending on the topic you chose, e.g. “Newsletter”. In addition, you can tag your stories to let Medium’s algorithm know what your story is about.

photo credit: Medium Topics Directory; Explore Page

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