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5 Steps to Do for Your Personal Branding

  • 1 min read

Tips from a professional brand manager.

On a constant basis, people ask me how I built myself into a Personal Brand on Medium.

  • 16 months ago, I’ve started sharing my stories on Medium.
  • Within a few months, I became a Top Writer.
  • 6 months ago, I started coaching others.

As a brand manager, I’ve done it for others.

For my side hustle, I’ve done it for myself.

And today I want to help you do it for yourself.

Just follow these 5 steps to building your personal brand:

1 — ⭐Generate your vision:

2 — ⭐Define your personal image

3 —⭐ Maintain your presence on social media

4 —⭐ Identify your audience

5 —⭐ Stay unique and authentic

Building your personal brand can be a way for you to live your dream — on your own terms.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more details with you.

👉So, stay tuned!

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