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5,000 Followers — Let’s Celebrate This Crazy Milestone Together

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My plans and updates.

I just hit 5,000 followers on Medium.

After 17 months and 737 stories published on Medium, I’m very grateful for reaching this crazy milestone.

From the beginning, I’ve shared my writing journey on Medium.

As my former student Jeanine Tew said the other day:

You make the complex simple.

This nice compliment hit the proverbial nail on the head.

I love to…

  • give you easily digestible nuggets of information.
  • document my journey and share lessons learned
  • help others and see others succeed
  • share success stories of others

So what’s next?

Unfortunately, there won’t be another Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp but I’ll offer…

  • #2 — 🔥Medium Momentum Membership: I’ll offer a special Community experience for Medium writers — I’m looking forward to connecting with Dave Nicoll Roxy Wright Ira Robinson Mary V and many more.

🚨If you’re interested in creating an online course or joining the Medium Momentum Membership as a Founding Member, send me an email, or leave a comment.🚨

Once again, many thanks to all of my followers for their trust!

© Kristina God

🔥 PS: If you’re not a follower yet — Click here to be the first to get access to exclusive opportunities and my Medium stories!

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