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7 Fun Facts About Easter You Probably Didn’t Know

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Egg-citing! Put on your bunny ears, and let’s go!

Are you ready for an egg-citing adventure?

Today, we’ll hop into the magical world of Easter and learn 7 amazing things you probably didn’t know about this special time of year.

So, put on your bunny ears, and let’s go!

1 — The Easter Bunny’s German Roots 🐰

Did you know the idea of the Easter Bunny started in Germany (where I come from)?

That’s right!

The Germans called it the “Osterhase,” and it would leave a nest of colorful eggs for good little boys and girls. How egg-citing!

2 — The Beautiful Easter Flower 🌸

photo credit: Canva

The white lily is a very special flower during Easter.

It stands for things like purity, hope, and divinity.

If you see one, you’ll know it’s a symbol of this egg-straordinary holiday!

3 — Tasty Easter Treats: Hot Cross Buns 🍞

Photo 5932021 © Monkey Business Images |

Hot cross buns are yummy spiced buns filled with raisins or currants.

They have a cross on top, and people love to eat them on Good Friday.

Have you ever tried one? They’re scrumptious!

4 — Dance Along to the Easter Parade 🎶

Photo 17590249 © Tiziano Casalta |

Did you know there’s a movie all about Easter?

It’s called Easter Parade and stars Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. They sing and dance in this fun film that won an award for its music!

5 — Don’t Wash Clothes on Good Friday 🧺

Here’s a strange fact: some people believe that doing laundry or housework on Good Friday will bring bad luck!

So, maybe you can skip folding your clothes and play instead on that day. 😉

6 — Swiss Cuckoo Delivers Easter Eggs 🐦

made in Canva

Not all countries have an Easter Bunny.

In Switzerland, a cuckoo bird brings the Easter eggs!

This comes from cuckoos being sneaky and laying their eggs in other birds’ nests. How cheeky!

7 — Munching on Chocolate Bunnies 🍫

photo credit: Canva

When people eat a chocolate bunny, guess where they usually start?

Yup, the ears!

About 59% of Americans munch on the ears first, while 4% go for the feet or nibble the tail.

Which part do you like to eat first?

Wow, that was a hopping good time!

I hope you enjoyed learning these 7 fun Easter facts.

Now you can share these egg-citing tidbits with your friends and family.

Have a wonderful and hoppy Easter! 🐇

Any fun Easter facts or traditions you’d like to add?

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