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7 Good Reasons to Start an Email List on Medium as Soon As Possible

  • 6 min read

I’ve grown my Medium email list from zero-zilch-nada to 500 subs

Someone letting you into their inbox is a way bigger deal than someone just following you on Medium.

As a marketer myself, I can’t think of another marketing tool that’s as consistently profitable as email marketing.

Around 4 billion people globally used email in 2020.

This number is estimated to grow to 4.6 billion by the year 2025.

  • Do you suspect that you were made for more, new writer?
  • Do you suspect that building a writing business that you truly love is really possible?

If you say ‘YES!’ to both, I‘d love to give you 7 good reasons to get your email list on Medium up and running.

7 Key Advantages of Email Marketing

Building an email list is important and the foundation for your online business.

It’s the only asset in your digital business that’s proven to…

1 — Generate a 3,600% Return on Investment (ROI) making it one of the most effective options available.

Meaning email generates $36 for every $1 spent.

2 — Your email list becomes more valuable with time.

3 — You can build a real connection and serious intimacy with your audience.

4 — Your messages really get seen: 20–30% average open rates vs. 2–3% organic visibility on social media in general.

5 — Email is 40 times more effective than social media at generating actual purchases.

6 — 50% of people make at least one monthly purchase after opening marketing emails. 59% indicate that emails have an impact on their choice to make a purchase.

Take advantage of Medium’s Subscription Feature

  • 👉Visit your ‘Partner Program Earnings’ and click on the button called ‘Audience Stats’.
photo credit: MPP earnings page Kristina God with Audience stats button on the right
  • 👉As you can see in May 2023 my email list gained 18 new email subscribers (= readers who have opted-in to receive emails from me) so far.
  • In total, I’ve got 500 people on my Medium list.
photo credit: Kristina God, 500 people on my list. Yeah!
  • 👉What most writers don’t know is that by clicking on ‘View details’…
photo credit: Kristina God, You can export or import email subs

… you can see your subscriber’s profiles, email addresses, and even the subscription date.

  • 👉You can also export a list of your subscribers and their emails by clicking on “Export this list” or import subscribers from other platforms by selecting “ Import subscribers”.

How I’ve grown my Medium email list from zero-zilch-nada to 500 subs

In August 2021 Medium introduced its new subscribers feature.

In my first two months, I gained 6 subscribers and had around 800 followers.

photo credit: Kristina God; August 2021, I started with 6 subs

Since August 2021…

  • I’ve grown my follower base from 800 to 9,600.
  • and my subscribers from 1 to 500.

My secret?

In the beginning, below every long form post, I asked my followers and readers to become a subscriber.

The call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom looked like this:

photo credit: Kristina God, CTA

Later, I simply copied and pasted my personal subscription link:

photo credit: Kristina God’s subscription

To access your personal subscription link, go to Setting/Publishing/Promote Email Subscriptions:

photo credit: Kristina God; Subscription Promotion Page

You can also customize your subscription promotion message and make it uniquely yours.

How I Grow My Email List on Autopilot

Fast forward to today, I don’t actively promote a subscription (I rather promote my Substack newsletter or a related Medium story).

I grow my Medium list on autopilot.

To automate the process, make sure to tick the box “Display a subscription promotion message” so that your readers see a subscription promotion after the second story on your profile.

What To Do With Your Email List

You can simply set up your email list on Medium and watch it grow or migrate your subscribers to a newsletter platform.

These platforms allow you to send newsletters to your subscribers and promote your free or paid products and services.

  • If you don’t want to spend any money, I recommend Substack.
  • You can also migrate them to MailChimp. Your first 500 subs are free.
  • On ConvertKit your first 1,000 subs are free.
  • Highly-hyped Beehiiv also allows you to sign up for free.
  • On Ghost, you pay for up to 500 subs for $9/month but you can also create your own website or blog.

These 5 tools offer different features, payment plans, levels of usability, and user experience.

I recommend checking them out, once you got your first subscribers and a plan of what to offer them besides sending them your stories via Medium.

Bottom Line — Start Yesterday!


Now you’ve got the foundational knowledge to start your Medium email list.

Just start with your teeny tiny email list here on Medium and see where it takes you.

Remember: It isn’t the Number of Subscribers That Matters. What matters is what your email list represents. It represents freedom because you own your email subscribers and can take them with you.

Your email list is the most important asset in your online writing business.

I want you to feel confident that what you’re spending your precious time on is what is going to pay off *big* for you.

So start your email list on Medium yesterday!

Want to get more Medium wisdom in your inbox? Sure thing!

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