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7 Medium Hacks New Writers Need to Know

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Resize your images, tweet a quote, insert an image directly in Medium, and become a Top Writer. Short and sweet hacks for new writers.

Recently, I published the 1500th story on Medium.

Here’s the proof:

Recently, I published the 1500th story on Medium.
photo credit: Kristina God

When I crossed the 1,500-story-milestone I was doing my happy dance.

At the same time, I wanted to give back and serve my followers and new writers.

Today, I want to share 7 awesome Medium hacks new writers need to know in order to write on Medium with ease — 100% fluff-free.

Let’s jump right in!

1 — Become a Top Writer on Medium in 3 Easy Steps

Here’s my proven 3-Step-Process that helped hundreds of (new) writers become Top Writers on Medium:

STEP 1 — Know the Top Writer tags

If you want to become Medium’s next Top Writer, you need to know which tags are eligible for Top Writer status.

73 tags are eligible.

STEP 2 — Tag correctly

I often rank on page #1 on Google.


I tag correctly.

photo credit: Kristina God tagging one of her posts

You have up to 5 tags that you can use. Make sure to use 1–3 Top Writer tags.

Step 3 — Get strategic about becoming a Top Writer

Mix tags with high and low competition!

2 — Resize Images for Your Medium Stories

Last spring, Medium killed the image resizing feature.

This spring we celebrate a comeback.


Because so many writers were asking for bringing this feature back.

So this news is super exciting.

Here’s how to resize your (featured) image in a Medium story:

  • Go to a new line
  • Click the Plus + button on the left
  • Click the Image button to upload an image from your desktop or the Unsplash button to insert an image directly from the platform.
  • Select the image and choose one of the new placement options.

The new image placement options

photo credit: Kristina God adding an Unsplash photo
  • Full column-width images: 1400px wide
  • Out-set images: 2040px wide
  • Screen-width images: 2500px wide
  • Grid: Upload multiple images. A grid will be automatically generated.

Keep in mind

Your image must be at least 1192px wide.

The image editor supports images up to 25MB in the .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, and .PNG formats.

3 — Make Your Medium Post Really Shine

Ever dreamed of having a special trick “up your sleeve” to make your Medium posts really shine?

Then you’re in good company.

I also dreamed of a special trick to create content that leaves my audience stunned and wanting more.

What really helped me is writing for Goldfish

When it comes to reading online we all have almost zero attention spans.

This means, we only scan articles.

That’s why you often see that the reading time for your piece is so low.

However, there are people who get all the attention and time their stories deserve.

You can too!

How to make your stories skimmable

  • 🎣With loads of subheads (bold lines) — I call them speed bumps to give your reader’s eyes something to grab onto.
  • 🎣White space — no text deserts
  • 🎣Short and sweet nuggets of information — so that your reader gets a nice motivation kick because he actually learned something.

4 — Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Medium Stories

There are a handful of stock photo sites that have excellent pictures to choose from.

I really enjoy using them and I think it’s crucial to add a featured image to your stories.


Articles with images get 94% more views as opposed to those with no visuals.

On Medium, I use featured images to grab the attention of my potential readers

I want them to scroll through their feed, see my image, and click on my story.

On the internet in general, images are super important as a preview of an article.

10 stock photo sites that offer free images to use in your post

5 — These Publications Can Nominate Your Stories For a Turbo Boost

I bet many of your favorite publications are already in the Boost Beta program without you knowing it.

Publishers of every background and style are present so the Boost covers the bases.

Within the last past months, I’ve spotlighted a handful of community curators from the platform.

Medium has given more than 50 Medium editors the ability to curate and nominate stories. They can nominate several stories per week.

Here are 5 publications that can Boost your stories:

1 — The Riff — #Music, #Culture, #Society

2 — The Generator — #Artificial Intelligence, #Technology

3 — Modern Women — #Womanhood, #Feminism, #Parenting

4 — The Writing Cooperative — #Writing, #Writing Tips, #Reading, #Advice

5 — The Memoirist — #life, #lifelessons, #memoir

6 — How to Insert an Image Directly From Unsplash

For most of my students in The Medium Kickstarter BootCamp, it is eye-opening when I show them how easy it is to insert an image directly from Unsplash.


Downloading an image from free stock photos sites such as Pexels, Pixabay, Photo AC, or Dreamstime takes a while.

As busy online writers, we want and need it fast

So it’s smart to directly upload a photo from Unsplash when creating your post.

It’s super easy.

How to insert an image directly into a new post

  • Go to a new line
  • Click the Plus + button on the left
How to insert an image directly into a new post
photo credit: Kristina God clicking the + and Unsplash button
  • Click the Unsplash button to search for an image
  • Insert an image directly from the free stock photo site Unsplash into your story

Since 2018 Medium has been partnering with the photography website Unsplash.

When you search for an Unsplash image you will only see free stock photos — no paid ones.

7 — Tweet a Quote From a Story Via Medium

The other day, a new writer asked me:

How can I repurpose my Medium content?

Glad he asked!

One super easy tip is to take powerful sentences that people engaged with from your posts and share them on Twitter.

Another idea is to take a quote from another writer’s story you enjoyed and could resonate with and tweet it.

In fact, Medium makes it super easy to tweet a quote.


Medium’s founder Ev Williams is also one of the co-founders of Twitter. So there’s a super great Twitter integration.

Unfortunately, most writers don’t know about it.

Here’s the dead-simple 3-step process to tweet a quote from a Medium story

1 — Select the sentence you’d like to share.

2 — Medium will highlight the selected text and you can click on Share

3 — Select Twitter (bird icon) and tweet the quote

photo credit: Kristina God tweeting a quote

Want more tips and tricks?

Kristina God is a part-time creator, mompreneur, and Top Writer on Medium.

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