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7 Reasons To Join Simily In 2022

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the next blogging platform

My story about Simily is trending.

It has 50 comments and around 4K claps.

Simily is a new and promising platform for writers to publish their content.

Why not be an early bird, submit, do the legwork to build an audience, and see what happens?

7 Good Reasons To Join Simily

7Easy to sign up and start publishing

6 ⭐Writers can join groups and interact with others via the messaging feature

5 ⭐You can republish your Medium content on there

4 ⭐It’se a great place to publish fiction and poetry

3 ⭐Very clear compensation structure

2 ⭐They pay writers through PayPal

1⭐They pay $0.02 per unique view — not reading time as on Medium. External views count too.

Around 30 new and aspiring writers have already signed up through my friend link (no affiliate link): Newfriends338

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