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7 Reasons Why YouTube Is The Future For Content Creators

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video is definitely where it’s at and you can be part of it

Even though I didn’t really feel like it, this week, I started talking with some of my Medium friends via Zoom.

I felt it in my bones that I just had to take the leap of faith and get on video.

My first time was with my fantastic former boot camper Sally Prag — co-editor of New Writers Welcome by Robert Ralph.

screenshot of Zoom call by Kristina God

Although I was a bit afraid because I’m not a native speaker, it was really fun for me.

Apparently, she actually really enjoyed talking with me because we spent over two hours together.

We talked about…

  • the past: my Boot Camp Sally went through.
  • the present: our lives as working parents, Sally’s insane growth on Medium (she’s about to reach 1k followers soon!).
  • the future: growing beyond words and creating video content.

Yes, instead of just putting pen to paper we’re both thinking about growing beyond words.

Benefits of creating video content

Video can bring you closer to your audience.

It can connect you to your followers on another level.

With video, you’re being able to deliver your messages in a way that really lands and makes an impact.

For me, video has a prominent place in my content marketing strategy for 2022.

I highly recommend capitalizing on the benefits of Yoube.

Instead of thinking:

Writers write.

Shift your mindset to

Content creators create content.

Take advantage of the generally high interest in videos in 2022.

7 Reasons Why YouTube Is The Future

7 — It’s not simply a website. With more than 3 billion searches per month, it’s the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google.

6 — It’s extremely user-friendly.

5 —It’s the fastest-growing video-sharing website.

4 — Nearly 1 out of 2 internet users are on YouTube.

3 — You can learn everything on YouTube — from baking bread to learning to play the piano, to yoga, to breakdance, to writing…

2 — Per minute 500 hours of video content are uploaded.

1 — The average time spent on YouTube per day is 18 minutes.

There is so much opportunity both there and with the video content in general.

Moreover, you might already know that Facebook prioritizes video.

LinkedIn has live video now.

I mean, video is definitely where it’s at.

Medium Writers and Publications on YouTube for inspiration

There are several smart Medium writers on Medium and you can become part of the YouTube community too.

Read on to learn more:


Your chance!

ILLUMINATION by Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Recently Dr. Preeti Singh introduced Illumination’s YouTube channel.

It’s an initiative of Illumination to raise profiles of writers and create visibility to their Medium stories

As Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, owner of the Illumination YouTube channel says:

It is a free service to writers provided by our volunteers of our community.

All writers are welcome to join this initiative.

To create your own YouTube video for Illumination click on this post:

This is something really exciting and interesting. I had always thought YouTube is only for vloggers but to see that there is scope for writers to establish their name on YouTube, is something worth exploring. Drashti Shroff

Final Takeaways

Videos are the future and there’s no doubt they can take viewership levels up to great levels, besides page-read time. Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

If you want to be serving on another and bigger level, video is necessary for that.

Do video.

Video is part of how you grow your online (writing business) now and in the future.

I am currently preparing my new YT channel, which will be more about the kinds of things I write here. Liberty Forrest, Author

PS: If you want to do a video interview instead of creating a video on your own, please leave a comment. Sally Prag will get back to you. She has some awesome ideas.

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