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7,000 Followers! Thanks So Much

  • 2 min read

I have a special surprise for YOU.

Many many thanks to all of my 7,000 followers.

I really appreciate your trust and taking the time to make my words part of your day and life.

All of you who are subscribed to my Medium stories (or my Substack newsletter) have received an email with a special surprise to kickstart your writing on Medium: “The Ultimate Medium Checklist”

It’s an eBook with 30 pages and…

with tons of valuable tips about the foundation, mindset, and monetization opportunities.

The best part is that whenever you want to get deeper, you can click on a link and read an in-depth how-to story.

The eBook is short and sweet and helps you to build momentum or keep the momentum going.

If you say:

“Kristina, I need this eBook”

Become a subscriber on Medium or on Substack.

My tip is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter on Substack because there I’ll offer a chat and I’ll reward engagement with special prices.

When you become a subscriber, you’ll also get a VIP invite to my new Facebook community “MOMENTUM” which is coming soon.

Become a subscriber on Medium or on Substack (my recommendation!).

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