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900th Published Story — 9 Medium Writing Tips For Newbies

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To master the game of online writing and become a better writer.

OMG. I’m jumping out of my skin excited.

Recently, I published the 900th story on Medium.

Here’s the proof:

900 stories on Medium

If you could see me right now… I’m doing my happy dance.

It looks like this:


Yeah! I feel really good about this achievement.

So while I’m writing these lines, from time to time, I’m looking out of the window, taking a sip from my latte with coconut milk (thanks for the tips!) and watching the seagulls flying in the air.

I’m listening to my favorite song Belly Dancer and my fingers are flying over the keyboard.

I’m in the zone. I write like no one is watching.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Let’s cut the fluff and let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty…

Here are my 9 tips from writing 900 stories on Medium

#1 Create Your Own Blogging Site

Instead of a random user name such as @maltesedog26 be confident and use your first and last name as a username.


  • It helps you to build your own brand
  • Become a trustworthy and credible source of information.
  • You can become an expert in the category/ies of your interest.
  • You get offered writing gigs.
  • People can connect with you via LinkedIn.

And what I like most, is when someone searches for your name on the internet he’ll get this:

And what I like most, is when someone searches for your name on the internet he’ll get this:

It looks very professional, don’t you think? It’s like your own blogging site on the internet.

How to set up your unique URL?

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Profile
  • Go to Username & URL and edit it.
How to set up your unique URL?

#2 Pimp Up Your Bio To Gain More Followers

I see many writers who don’t pay attention to their profile pages.

That’s a pity.


⚠️Because they are missing out on gaining more followers and freelance clients.

For instance, the short description next to your avatar is your bio.

  • Your bio introduces you to your (potential) readers.
  • If you want to signal to your readers that you are a trustworthy writer and a credible source of information you need to pimp up your profile.

Tell your readers:

  • who you are
  • what type of content your readers can expect from you
  • what makes you a credible source
  • how they can contact you

Here are 3 inspiring WOW-worthy examples from my students:

Marilyn Glover


Candice Zakariya


T Mann

T mann

How to pimp up your bio:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Profile
  • Edit your Short bio
Short bio

#3 Make Your Stories Easy-Digestible For Goldfish

Your audience is a bunch of goldfish.

Please don’t take this personally.

We’re all goldfish.🐠

On the internet, people scan. With hungry impatient eyes.

When it comes to reading stuff online, we all have almost ZERO attention span.

So what’s the secret to getting your story read online?🥡

You need to make your stories skimmable.

Here’s how to catch fish:

  • 🎣Use a catchy headline and a subheadline.
  • 🎣Use headings and subheadings to group content and make your text scannable.
  • 🎣Break your text into small paragraphs (not more than 3 -7 lines) and use bullet points.
  • 🎣Have only one idea/takeaway per paragraph
  • 🎣Highlight/emphasize with purpose using bold and italics
  • 🎣Provide contextual references — using links and quotes
  • 🎣Mix smart ornaments — images, gifs, emojis ❤️

Here’s my transformation — 2020 vs. 2022


#4 Take The Time To Comment and Respond To Boost Your Views

Our most underrated superpower as writers is collaborating with others.

Medium wants us to “get relational” instead of putting ourselves in the center of everything.

In my early days on Medium, I worked in a silo.

Luckily, within a few months, I discovered that by building relationships, getting to know other writers, reading, and clapping as well as commenting I’ve also had better results.

In fact, I received my first $500 bonus for relating to others!

In my opinion, all writers on this platform have “writing karma”.

Whatever happens in the writing world usually happens for a reason.

Whatever you do now will impact your online writing business at some point in the future — positively or negatively.

‘Writing karma’ is something you definitely have to work for, nobody gives it to you.

It’s all about relationships.

This means Medium’s algorithm will reward you for commenting, responding, and mentioning others.

My tip: Comment on this story and engage with me and the others! Check your stats then.

#5 Learn The Most Popular Topics and Learn The Top Writer Tags

One of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning of my writing journey was not tagging correctly or not tagging at all.

By doing so, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity: to get seen, read, and rewarded for your writing.

You need to make yourself familiar with the 73 Top Writer eligible Tags on this platform.

Medium doesn’t provide a list but I put one together for you.

Here you can download the list.

Pick one or three tags and write about the topics you love on a regular basis to become a Top Writer in this category.

Why is it worth becoming a Top Writer?

With topic tags (=labels) you can…

  • optimize your story
  • gain more exposure
  • be seen and read
  • make your story get found on Medium

Adding relevant tags to your post will help with its discoverability around the platform. Medium

I earned Top Writer badges in more than 25 topics on Medium.

Here are some badges:

Top Writer badges

I was where you are right now 20 months ago!

I see you and I feel you.

So start combining topic tags that are eligible for Top Writer status with more specific ones!

Here’s the exact 3-Step-Process to becoming a Top Writer:

#6 Hit Publish Before You’re Ready Mindset

Many new online writers first spend weeks (or even months!) creating their content and putting it in their draft folder (editing it over and over again).

The key to overcoming these obstacles is to hit publish before you’ve told your whole story in full-length and before it’s perfect.

Yes, you heard it right, my sweet perfectionist!

Perfect is a lie.

Done is better than perfect!

My tip: Start before you’re ready!

This mindset shift will help you on Medium where the algorithm rewards you for pumping out content on a regular basis.

Hey, no worries, this doesn’t have to be long form stories. I write short form stories all the time.

The Shortform is open for new writers. So make sure to join us:

More mindset shifts:

#7 Celebrate Every True “Fan” Instead of Counting Followers

You might have already heard of the idea that you simply need to have 1,000 true fans to be successful and earn money.

This is the idea by Kevin Kelly:

  • If you could get 1,000 True Fans to support you by buying $100 worth of what you create every year, you would earn an income of $100,000 a year.

No that’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme, that’s a wonderful model to understand the power of your fans.

What are fans on Medium?

There’s no official definition, so here’s mine:

Fans = the number of unique readers who clapped for a post.

Success on Medium depends on how we interact with one another.

Claps matter

So when you get a notification telling you

10 fans liked your story

like this one:

10 fans on Medium
email notification

It is a big deal!

It helps you to get seen by a lot of readers.

3 Reasons Why It’s a Big Deal To Receive 10 Fans

  1. 10 fans is a metric that triggers Medium’s algorithm.
  2. This way Medium’s algorithm knows your article is relevant.
  3. The more fans clap the more feeds Medium will send your story to and show your post.

My tip: Don’t be too focused on your follower count. It can change from one moment to the next when Medium purges bots and spam accounts (I recently lost around 500 followers overnight). Focus more on your fans!

Celebrate whenever you get an email/notification by Medium telling you 10, 50, or 100 fans liked your story. This means your story gains traction throughout the network and people that read your words actually clap for it.

Here’s more:

#8 Make Use Of The 3 Ways To Earn Money On Medium

What, there are three (?) ways to earn money on Medium? Tell me more!


Here are the three original ways to earn money (besides affiliate links, brand promotions etc.):

#1 — Reading time:

I get a lot of emails where new writers share their Stats with me asking me for help because they received tons of external views but made only a few cents.

So here’s the most ESSENTIAL thing you need to know:

Medium pays you for Member Reading Time. If you check your Stats and wonder why you earned xy for a story, you ALWAYS need to check the Member Reading Time.

It looks like this and shows the exact reading time by paying members for your published story:

Memeber Reading TIme

#2 Referred Members:

The Medium Referral Program allows earning passive income on a monthly basis.

From a referred member you can earn around $2.

Here’s how to win referred members on Medium in 3 easy steps

In my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, I teach my students to…

  • #1 — shift your mindset: It’s not salesy to ask your non-paying audience to become a referred member.
  • #2 — call to action: place a little blurb at the end of your stories for readers to sign up or this box by simply copying and pasting your unique referral link (which you can access via SETTINGS_AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT)

Hint: It’s not available in the apps!!

  • #3 — promote the Medium Membership not only on Medium but on all socials you’re using (TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, your blog, podcast, Vocal, NewsBreak…)

#3 Tips:

I was one of the first to inform you that you can now tip your favorite writers and receive tips too.

In this article…

you can learn how to activate it!

#9 Stay Up-To-Date

This is sooooo important.

Medium changes all the time.

Latest news for you:

A lot to keep up with, am I right?

No worries!

I’ve got you covered. As June Kirri recently stated:

The god of Medium

Well, a lot of people call me “The Shortform Goddess” or “Medium Goddess”.

Make sure to follow me to stay up to date and get all the news you need.

Oh, and God is my real name. You might not hear my accent when you’re reading my work but I’m from Germany.

As a working mom I NEED my daily latte with coconut milk to get my creative juices flowing:

Watch me on camera👇:

I’d love to invite you to my Ko-fi shop!

How many stories have you published so far?

© Kristina God

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