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A Curated List of AI Publications on Medium That Are Open For Submissions

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Medium offers a variety of awesome publishing opportunities for AI news

Recently, I shared that I want to create a curated list of Medium publications.

Here is an overview of the list of publications around #Artificial Intelligence.

If you don’t know where to publish your AI stories, I got you covered.

Here’s a curated list of AI publications on Medium:

1 —Generative AI

Owner: Jim Clyde Monge — Software engineer Jim is a Top 5 Writer in #Artificial Intelligence on Medium.

Followers: 370

Example of a story:

Become a writer.

2 — The Generator

Owner: Thomas Smith — Thomas is also an official Medium Boost Curator! He can nominate stories in his publication for a boost.

Followers: 25

Example of a story:

Become a writer.

3 — Artificial Corner

Owner: The PyCoach — Wrote 200 stories with 8M views. He’s earning a full-time salary by writing programming, data science, and tech articles on Medium.

Followers: 440

Example of a story:

Become a writer.

Can you recommend another AI publication on Medium?

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