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A Funny Medium Software Bug

  • 1 min read

…could make you clap more than 50 times.

My most successful story in regard to claps (2.5k) so far is about a bug. A software bug.

When Medium updated their software for the Medium App in May, a software error made it possible to clap more than 50 times.

Meanwhile, the bug has been fixed (I informed Medium’s engineering team about the funny faux pax) but the new version which you can see on your mobile device is still buggy.

I’m planning to write a new article about it. Something like ‘Bug Busters’ similar to ‘Myth Busters’ or ‘Ghost Busters’.

In case you find some software bugs, let me know and I’ll include them in my upcoming article.

Via the Google store Medium even says:

‘We’d like to invite you to help shape the future of the app by providing valuable feedback.’


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