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A Goal That‘s Not Written Down Is Not A Goal — It’s Just A Dream

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Download the free eCalendar to achieve your goals in 2022.

I know from my own experience and from the people that I coach, writing down your goals is powerful.

Writing clarifies thinking and makes goal achievement more likely.

In fact, Dr. Gail Matthews discovered:

Writing down your goals boosts goal achievement by 42%.

You need to flesh your goals out on paper otherwise it’s just a notion.

To help other writers to crush their goals in 2022, I created an I Work On My Goals In 2022 eCalendar.

In this calendar, you can write your

  • 5-8 annual goals
  • your quarterly goals
  • your monthly goals
  • based on this, you can plan your week
  • and yes, even your day. Every day, you can do your next action step.

What are you waiting for?

Write your goals down and make it happen!

Here’s my free eCalendar for you:

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