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A List Of Medium-Owned Publications That Are Open For Submissions in 2022

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8 closed their doors. 3 are left to submit your stories to.

Medium has eleven owned publications about food, design, business, politics, and other subjects to reach diverse audiences.

Unfortunately, in March 2021, Medium’s founder and former CEO Ev Williams cut in-house editorial operations and let journalists and editors go.

A few months back, Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine let editors go once again

This way, slowly but steadily most of the Medium-owned publications are closing their doors.

Who’s left?

You might wonder and…

How to submit my story to a Medium-owned publication?

This short and sweet article got you covered.

I’ll share with you a list of the 11 Medium-owned publications. Plus, I’ll provide you with further details on their activity and how to become a writer and submit a story to them.

Here’s a list of Medium’s owned publications that closed their doors:

1 Level — closed in January 2022

2 One Zero — closed in April 2022

3 Elemental — closed in March 2022

4 Gen — closed in April 2022

5 Forge — closed in March 2022

6Heated — closed in April 2021

7 Modus — closed in January 2020

8 Marker — closed in April 2022

Here’s a list of Medium’s owned publications that are still open plus how to submit a story:

9Human Parts (304K followers) — still open⭐

“A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.”

💌 Here you can submit your story:

10Zora (63K followers) — still open⭐

“A publication from Medium that centers the stories, poetry, essays and thoughts of women of color.”

💌 This way you can submit your story:

If you have an essay that analyzes or adds to the multi-dimensional conversation surrounding and centering women of color, please tag your published post with “ZORA.” If we like it, we may reach out to you to feature it. Topics are wide, but include culture, work, life experiences, parenting, education, racism and politics. ZORA only publishes works that are already live on Medium.

11The Bold Italic (47K followers) — still open⭐

“The Bold Italic is an online magazine that celebrates the spirit of San Francisco and the Bay Area.”

💌 Here you can submit your story:

What are the benefits of being published in a Medium-owned publication?

The benefits I see are the following:

  • 👍🏻as with every big publication, you can benefit from their reach
  • 👍🏻you’ll get featured in their newsletter
  • 👍🏻your story is more likely to be promoted and distributed on Medium
  • 👍🏻your story is more likely to be chosen for further distribution which means Medium will promote it via their channels
  • 👍🏻it’s a stamp of credibility to get published in one of Medium’s publications. You can use the logo of the publication and put it on your website as a stamp of credibility and quality.
  • 👍🏻it’s an awesome motivation boost because it shows your content provides a lot of value and is exactly what Medium is looking for in regard to quality!

Final Takeaways

How would it feel to be featured in one of Medium’s publications?

Three are left to submit your stories.

Imagine in the near future, seeing your face on the cover of one of Medium’s own publications — Human Parts, Zora, or The Bold Italic.

The only thing you have to do now is to apply to become a writer and share your draft to FINALLY get published.

This is a stamp of credibility on Medium and you can refer to it if you want to attract freelance clients or apply for a (new) job.

I really don’t want you to miss out on this awesome opportunity.

I’m curious. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments!

© Kristina God

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