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A Pony Is Mayor In This English Town

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It’s a world sensation

In the English village of Cockington in the county of Devon, an animal is in charge.

No, this is not a joke.

It’s Shetland pony Patrick.

Kirk Petrakis is the owner and reports that Patrick has done a lot for the community.

  • He collects donations for the Ukraine or heart patients.
  • He is also a therapy pony and brings a smile to the faces of dying people in the hospice.

The post of mayor was vacant for years and so they gave it to the polished hooves of the pony, which was already known via Facebook.

The idea was more of a joke.

But a petition for the animal mayor quickly followed.

Patrick represents the typical English country life and advertises Cockington.

He even drinks Guinness. haha

(Robert Ralph Kate Fistric Roland Millward :))

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