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A Publication To Document Life As We Age

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You need to know this Medium publication

I read a wonderful story by the incredible Bonni Brodnick who also contributes to HuffPost.

In Old Meets Young / Young Meets Old Bonnie shared a wonderful anecdote:

It was a precious moment indeed as my 91-year-old mother reached over to touch the foot of her new (brand new!) 6-week-old great-grandson Bowie Llewyn.

That’s more than 33,438 days vs 42 days.

Did you know that the average person only lives 27,375 days?

“Memento mori” (remember that you will die) — is the reminder we all desperately need in this world.

Do you love life and all it brings you, no matter what decade of life you’re in? asks Nancy Peckenham

Make every second of your life count!

The perfect publication to share your wisdom as you age is:

Crow’s Feet.

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