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A Quick Hack to Rank on Page One on Google in 2023

  • 2 min read

Are you ready?

I always love when people *show*.

Here’s proof of one of (many of) my articles that rank on page one on Google:

screenshot by author

It’s absolutely doable to rank on page one with your Medium stories.

Here’s my quick hack for you:

1Mindset: For Google, Medium is a trustworthy source. When you write on Medium, stories are more likely to rank on page one than on any other blogging platform!

2 — Get to know Medium’s Top 10 active publications. It’s smart to apply to become a writer for one of them.

One of the reasons is you can rank on page one on Google, get more eyeballs on your content, earn more and hopefully even win referred members!

3 — Google loves long-form— I also ranked with short-form stories on page one, but my tip is be strategic and share long-form stories (3–5 minutes).

👇🏻All you need to know:👇🏻

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