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A Special Trick “Up Your Sleeve” to Make Your Medium Post Really Shine

  • 2 min read

Shine, shine, shine

Ever dreamed of having a special trick “up your sleeve” to make your Medium posts really shine?

Then you’re in good company.

I also dreamed of a special trick to create content that leaves my audience stunned and wanting more.

What really helped me is writing for goldfish

When it comes to reading online we all have almost zero attention spans.

This means, we only scan articles.

That’s why you often see that the reading time for your piece is so low.

However, there are people who get all the attention and time their stories deserve.

You can too!

How to make your stories skimmable

  • 🎣With loads of subheads (bold lines) — I call them speed bumps to give your reader’s eyes something to grab onto.
  • 🎣White space — no text deserts
  • 🎣Short and sweet nuggets of information — so that your reader gets a nice motivation kick because he actually learned something.

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