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A Writerslift For The Pub ‘The Shortform’

  • 2 min read

It welcomes new writers, too.

Big pubs such as ‘The Ascent’ with 100k followers and many more are closing their doors.

You may wonder: ‘Is it a worrying time?’

I think it’s an evolution. It could spur the growth of small pubs such as ‘The Shortform’ which provides little pieces of information in only 150 words.

You’ve probably seen the hashtag #Writerslift all over Twitter.

How #Writerlift works

#WritersLift is used as a way to…

  • generate engagement
  • recommend articles or accounts to follow.

With this post, I want to promote ‘The Shortform’ by Tom Fenske where I hang out the most.

My friend Tom puts a lot of effort, energy, time, and love into his pub. He cares about his followers and offers newbies a pub to share their thoughts.

🙏With your support, it’s about to reach 1k followers!🙏

Here’s more about Medium’s future:


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