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About The Marriage Of Chips & Super Bowl

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‘To me, a super bowl is one that’s full of snacks. I don’t have to share.’ Crabby Road

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. Although I watch almost no TV, this is marked in my calendar.

Like millions of people around the world I’ll gather on the couch to watch the game with my BFFs — my Bowl of Fattening Friends.

Yeah, I’ll celebrate the event with potato chips — they’re my weakness. And I won’t wait until the Halftime Show to snack — otherwise, there will only be crumbs left😂.

When it comes to chips, from a marketing perspective, there’s one unique brand in my mind.

Tricky Thingy: Can You Guess What Brand I Mean?

Crispy cooked

Hyperbolic paraboloid


Popular American brand

Supercomputers made it

Can you guess what brand this is all about?

Take the quiz and find out🏈.

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